Personal Training

One-To-One Personal training

Offering personal training at an affordable price.

whether you want to drop body fat, build muscle or anything in between here at LW we will give you the confidence and knowledge to smash any goals ahead of you! 

Group Training

Offering a small group training session at a low cost.

feel more comfortable and gain confidence under the instruction of our experienced trainer. Workout with your friends for a fraction of the price of a one-to-one session and most importantly having fun!

1 Session

This package is ideal for someone who is stuck in plateau and need to change up their routine. One session a month will include a training programme that you will follow throughout the month and checkings.  

1 Session - £40 a session

6 Sessions

This package is ideal for someone who has a base knowledge at the gym, but needs guidance and direction. Recommended one session a week plus a training programme will help your progress further and break plateau.

6 Sessions - £35 a session

10 Sessions

This package is ideal for someone who wants serious results! Whether its weight loss or to build muscle, those that commit to this package will achieve quicker results with our more intense package.  

10 Sessions - £30 a session

Our One-To-One personal training packages include

Bespoke Programming

After the initial consultation, we will design a tailored programme that is specific to your goals, Training experience and lifestyle.

Tailored Nutrition 

Nutrition will be a big part of your training, we will give you guidance and knowledge to help you reach your full potential.

360° support 

We offer all round support to guild you along your journey, that goes beyond our training session. Building healthier habits and a better mind set.

Goal tracking

We will track your progress and set realistic goals specific to your needs. Helping you track and achieve your ambitions in life.